2024 Per Diem Rates for Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovak Republic

Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovak Republic Per Diems for July 2024


$131.00 / night

Meals & Incidentals:

$100.00 / day

These per diem rates are set by the Department of Defense and are used by the Federal government (as well as many private-sector companies) to reimburse employees for business travel expenses incurred within Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovak Republic (region borders are highlighted on the Slovak Republic map). Click here for other per diem rates in Slovak Republic.

Generally, you will be entitled to one Lodging per-diem of up to $131.00 to cover your actual hotel costs and one Meals & Incidentals per-diem payment of $100.00 to cover food and incidentals like parking costs for each full day of travel within Liptovsky Mikulas. To calculate your per diem reimbursements for a trip to Liptovsky Mikulas, use our per diem calculator

Effective Expiration Lodging Meals & IE Meals Only Proportional Meals Incidentals
September 1, 2017 December 31, 2025 $131.00 $100.00 $80.00 $47.00 $20.00

† All rates are in US Dollars

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