GSA Papua New Guinea Per Diem Rates 2022 DoD Per Diem Rates for Papua New Guinea -

Note: These per diem rates are for a previous year, and are no longer current. Click here to view 2024 per diem rates.

GSA Papua New Guinea Per Diem Rates

Per diem rates in Papua New Guinea are set by the Department of Defense (DoD), and apply to U.S. Government personnel, or the employees of private companies that use DoD per diem rates, travelling to Papua New Guinea for business.

Per diem rates for each region in Papua New Guinea are set on a month-by-month basis to reflect seasonal changes in cost of living. The per diem rates shown here are averages - to view the month-by-month breakdown of actual per diem rates, choose the region in which you will be travelling.

Region Number of Cities Meals & Incidentals Rate Lodging Rate
Port Moresby 1 $85.00 $268.00
[other] 1 $65.00 $162.00
Port Moresby (apec Meeting) $80.00 $665.00
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