Wyoming GSA Per Diem Rates Wyoming 2024 CONUS Per Diem Rates

The GSA (General Services Administration) sets per diem rates on a monthly basis for each of the 23 counties in Wyoming. Per diems are broken down county-by-county, so to determine the rates applicable to your business trip in Wyoming choose the county or counties in which you will be travelling to access detailed per diem rate sheets.

The per diem rates shown here for lodging and M&IE are the exact rates set by the GSA for the month of July, 2024. Click on any county for a detailed breakdown of the per diem rates applicable in that area, and a table of per diem rates by month for the entire year of 2024.

County Major Cities Meals & Incidentals Rate Lodging Rate
Albany County Laramie, Albany County, Wyoming (13 total) $59.00 $107.00
Big Horn County Big Horn County, Basin, Manderson (15 total) $59.00 $107.00
Campbell County Spotted Horse, Wildcat, Campbell County (10 total) $59.00 $107.00
Carbon County Savery, Carbon County, Sinclair (19 total) $59.00 $107.00
Converse County Converse County, Orpha, Glenrock (10 total) $59.00 $107.00
Crook County Carlile, Crook County, Colony (13 total) $59.00 $107.00
Fremont County Shoshoni, Jeffrey City, Kinnear (24 total) $59.00 $107.00
Goshen County South Torrington, Veteran, Huntley (10 total) $59.00 $107.00
Hot Springs County Lucerne, Thermopolis, Kirby (6 total) $59.00 $107.00
Johnson County Saddlestring, Buffalo, Sussex (7 total) $59.00 $107.00
Laramie County Francis E. Warren Afb, Frances E. Warren Afb, Nosc Fe Warren (17 total) $59.00 $107.00
Lincoln County Blazon Junction, La Barge, Kemmerer (19 total) $59.00 $107.00
Natrona County Hiland, Waltman, Midwest (15 total) $59.00 $107.00
Niobrara County Lance Creek, Van Tassell, Lusk (7 total) $59.00 $107.00
Park County Mammoth, Wapiti, Garland (10 total) $69.00 $282.00
Platte County Glendo, Sunrise, Meadowdale (12 total) $59.00 $107.00
Sheridan County Banner, Arvada, Ulm (16 total) $59.00 $107.00
Sublette County Marbleton, Merna, Cora (12 total) $79.00 $384.00
Sweetwater County Bitter Creek, Rock Springs, Bryan (22 total) $59.00 $107.00
Teton County Teton County, Grovont, Jackson (9 total) $79.00 $384.00
Uinta County Almy, Aspen, Lonetree (13 total) $59.00 $107.00
Washakie County Washakie County, Worland, Ten Sleep (4 total) $59.00 $107.00
Weston County Clay Spur, Weston County, Upton (6 total) $59.00 $107.00
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