Maine GSA Per Diem Rates Maine 2023 CONUS Per Diem Rates

The GSA (General Services Administration) sets per diem rates on a monthly basis for each of the 16 counties in Maine. Per diems are broken down county-by-county, so to determine the rates applicable to your business trip in Maine choose the county or counties in which you will be travelling to access detailed per diem rate sheets.

Note: These per diem rates are for a previous year, and are no longer current. Click here to view 2024 per diem rates.

The per diem rates shown here for lodging and M&IE are the exact rates set by the GSA for the month of July, 2023. Click on any county for a detailed breakdown of the per diem rates applicable in that area, and a table of per diem rates by month for the entire year of 2023.

County Major Cities Meals & Incidentals Rate Lodging Rate
Androscoggin County Androscoggin County, Livermore Falls, Lisbon Falls (8 total) $59.00 $98.00
Aroostook County Wytopitlock, Linneus, Winterville (37 total) $59.00 $98.00
Cumberland County Brunswick Nas, Brunswick, Cumberland County (13 total) $64.00 $208.00
Franklin County Carrabassett, Chisholm, Salem (15 total) $59.00 $98.00
Hancock County Winter Harbor Naval Sec Grp, Winter Harbor, Ellsworth (20 total) $74.00 $268.00
Kennebec County Augusta Naval Reserve Ctr, Winthrop, Randolph (13 total) $59.00 $98.00
Knox County Knox County, Port Clyde, Thomaston (12 total) $74.00 $268.00
Lincoln County Wiscasset, Jefferson, Newcastle (7 total) $59.00 $98.00
Oxford County Andover, Dixfield, Kezar Falls (20 total) $59.00 $98.00
Penobscot County Nosc Bangor, Milford, Norcross (31 total) $59.00 $98.00
Piscataquis County Wellington, Guilford, Greenville (13 total) $59.00 $98.00
Sagadahoc County Richmond, Bath, Sagadahoc County (3 total) $64.00 $208.00
Somerset County Long Pond, Pittsfield, Caratunk (15 total) $59.00 $98.00
Waldo County Liberty, Lincolnville, Frankfort (9 total) $59.00 $98.00
Washington County Naval Comp & Tele Sta Cutler, Woodland, Perry (24 total) $59.00 $98.00
York County Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kennebunk, Berwick (16 total) $69.00 $206.00
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