Nevada GSA Per Diem Rates Nevada 2012 CONUS Per Diem Rates

The GSA (General Services Administration) sets per diem rates on a monthly basis for each of the 18 counties in Nevada. Per diems are broken down county-by-county, so to determine the rates applicable to your business trip in Nevada choose the county or counties in which you will be travelling to access detailed per diem rate sheets.

Note: These per diem rates are for a previous year, and are no longer current. Click here to view 2018 per diem rates.

The per diem rates shown here for lodging and M&IE are the exact rates set by the GSA for the month of January, 2012. Click on any county for a detailed breakdown of the per diem rates applicable in that area, and a table of per diem rates by month for the entire year of 2012.

County Major Cities Meals & Incidentals Rate Lodging Rate
Churchill Fallon Nas (1 total) $39.00 $60.00
Carson City City Carson City City, Carson City (2 total) $61.00 $91.00
Churchill County Fallon Nas, Churchill County, Eastgate (9 total) $46.00 $77.00
Clark County Creech Afb, Nellis Afb, Paradise (28 total) $71.00 $99.00
Douglas County Minden, Douglas County, Gardnerville (4 total) $61.00 $91.00
Elko County Charleston, Cobre, Carlin (31 total) $46.00 $77.00
Esmeralda County Goldfield, Lida, Gold Point (4 total) $46.00 $77.00
Eureka County Palisade, Eureka County, Beowawe (6 total) $46.00 $77.00
Humboldt County Humboldt County, Winnemucca, Orovada (11 total) $46.00 $77.00
Lander County Battle Mountain, Lander County, Austin (5 total) $46.00 $77.00
Lincoln County Caselton, Prince, Crestline (16 total) $46.00 $77.00
Lyon County Dayton, Fernley, Lyon County (8 total) $46.00 $77.00
Mineral County Hawthorne, Schurz, Babbitt (8 total) $46.00 $77.00
Nye County Nye County, Round Mountain, Mercury (11 total) $46.00 $77.00
Pershing County Woolsey, Lovelock, Humboldt (11 total) $46.00 $77.00
Storey County Storey County, Virginia City (2 total) $46.00 $77.00
Washoe County Reno, Tahoe Iap Ags, Sutcliffe, Flanigan (20 total) $51.00 $94.00
White Pine County White Pine County, Warm Springs, Steptoe (10 total) $46.00 $77.00
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