2023 Per Diem Rates for [other], New Zealand

[other], New Zealand Per Diems for September 2023


$104.00 / night

Meals & Incidentals:

$84.00 / day

These per diem rates are set by the Department of Defense and are used by the Federal government (as well as many private-sector companies) to reimburse employees for business travel expenses incurred within [other], New Zealand (region borders are highlighted on the New Zealand map). Click here for other per diem rates in New Zealand.

Generally, you will be entitled to one Lodging per-diem of up to $104.00 to cover your actual hotel costs and one Meals & Incidentals per-diem payment of $84.00 to cover food and incidentals like parking costs for each full day of travel within [other]. To calculate your per diem reimbursements for a trip to [other], use our per diem calculator

Effective Expiration Lodging Meals & IE Meals Only Proportional Meals Incidentals
October 1, 2022 December 31, 2023 $104.00 $84.00 $67.00 $42.00 $17.00

† All rates are in US Dollars

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